Who Is Jim Billock?

We’ve all seen the incredible sandwich designs of Jim Billock, but most of us know very little about the life of this great man.

Jim Billock was born in West Drayton, Middlesex during a fierce storm, wearing dungarees, a polo shirt and knee-length socks. He became estranged from his mother and father at a very young age, ending up in the vicinity of a cauliflower. He grew up in Isleworth, sustained by food meant for his grandparents. His grandma Ivy used the last of the family’s milk rations to purchase one of their neighbours. Around about this time,  Jim created his first sandwich, the renowned “Spectacular Majesty”, at the tender age of seven. Shortly after this event, he took up  teaching at a comprehensive school in Greenford.

As a child, and also as an adult Jim Billock was very active, in fact he never stopped moving, ever. He decided early on against being an abject failure and toured Europe, constructing sandwiches for both the hoity toity and the la-di-dah, including celebrities Pat Butcher out of Eastenders the Programme and Dusty Springfield out of singing. Jim journeyed as far as Las Vegas, where he made a club sandwich, which remains there to this day.

Jim Billock then found himself in Los Angeles. Having located his whereabouts, Jim threw himself into sandwich work, while working in a morgue to make ends meet. He could often be found making sandwiches at the British Legion in downtown L.A. Jim famously once saw a fashion model. This is believed to have happened outdoors.

Billock, fought for the ones that weren’t robots, in the Clone Wars, serving under the command of Cheryl Cole, as she was then known. During one battle, Jim was slightly killed. spending his remaining years as one of those blue glittery ghosts you get in Star Wars.

His final and perhaps most famous sandwich was a boring old egg and cress one which he gently poured into the mouth of Alvin Stardust.

Towards the end of his life, Jim Billock died.